Free Funeral Guide web pages to celebrate the lives of loved ones

If you arrange a funeral with us, we will create a free obituary page for your loved one on Funeral Guide, an online resource for the bereaved.

The website has helped revolutionise the way we now celebrate the lives of our nearest and dearest. Once we’ve set up the page, it can be used to share precious memories with relatives and friends, not just locally but throughout the world.

It’s the digital equivalent of a newspaper obituary and the modern way to pay tribute to someone who was special to you.  Families find it comforting to have somewhere they can go to online to remember their relation, especially if they live far away. It also provides a record of the person’s life for future generations to appreciate.

Mourners can write messages, share photos and light virtual candles to show they are thinking about your loved one.

A donation tool also allows you to raise money for a specific charity in memory of your cherished family member through Funeral Zone’s partnership with JustGiving. You can tell people which good cause you would like them to support and they can then pay online. The process is easy to understand and enables Gift Aid of 25 per cent to be added to donations. The total amount raised appears in the top right-hand corner of the page.

Full details of the funeral service can be added to the obituary as well so that visitors to the site receive directions and a map of the location. They in turn can confirm their attendance. There is also a checklist providing information about the administrative tasks involved in organising a funeral.

Funeral Zone page

Other features of the site include the ability to create a memorial book that contains the condolences, candles and photos from the obituary, plus any pictures you add.

Each obituary is fully moderated so that friends and family can leave tributes safely and securely.

It’s all part of our continual effort to introduce up-to-date services and products for our customers.

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