A professional eulogy and obituary writing service for families

Uttoxeter Co-op offers a eulogy and obituary writing service, helping bereaved families to pay a fitting tribute to their lost loved one.

At a time of loss, it can be extremely hard to find the right words. You may be immersed in funeral arrangements or too lost in grief to properly express your thoughts and feelings.

Most of us would appreciate our time on earth being recorded in a meaningful way. Whether the tribute is read out at the funeral service, or published in written form, the words need to do justice to a person’s life.

If this is concerning you, don’t worry as we will take the burden from your shoulders. We’ve teamed up with Write Tribute, a professional writing agency consisting of published authors and people highly experienced in writing obituaries for the media. They will create the tribute for you in the way you want the person to be remembered.

A well-written piece not only chronicles a person’s milestones and achievements, but captures their individuality by focusing on what made them unique. It may be they had a terrific sense of humour, an uncanny knack of being in the right place at the right time, an unusual habit or an ability to put people at ease…

The writers are very approachable, sympathetic, and know what it is like to lose someone close.

All articles produced by Write Tribute will be included in the obituaries section of this website free of charge on request – keeping your relative or friend’s memory alive.

You can choose one or more of the following types of tribute:

  • Eulogy (approx. 1,200 words) to be read out by a relation, friend or person conducting the funeral service.
  • Obituary (approx. 500 words written in journalistic/storytelling style). Families often want to send this type of article to their local newspaper. Alternatively, the Write Tribute team can produce a life story to be handed out with – or published in – the order of service. It can also be posted on social media and memorial websites.

A professional photography service is also available to record personal touches at funerals, such as doves being released, or funerals with features of special interest – for example, a hearse in the shape of a motorcycle or a coffin adorned in the colours of a football team. The photographs can be used to illustrate an obituary/life story. Photographers are always discrete and handle such assignments with great sensitivity.

How the process works

When you have decided which service(s) you would like, you will be contacted by one of the writers to gather the information needed for the tribute. However, if you would prefer not to speak to somebody, a questionnaire can be emailed to you instead. You then simply return this to the writer who will use the material as the basis for the tribute.

Once you are happy with the article, it can be used in so many ways to make sure your relation is never forgotten.

  • You can submit the tribute, along with a photograph, for publication in your local newspaper
  • Post it on the Funeral Guide website
  • Share it with others on social media
  • Ask us to put it on the Uttoxeter Co-operative Funeral Service website free of charge
  • Use it as part of a Memory Book which provides a photographic record of an individual’s life

*It is important to give as much notice as possible if you would like a tribute in time for the funeral service.   

For more details about this service please email: info@writetribute.co.uk